Input and distribution devices intended for reception, distribution and accounting of electric energy with voltage of 380/220V three-phase AC with 50 Hz frequency in networks with dead-earthed neutral, for protection of lines at overloads and short circuits, and also for infrequent (up to 6 start-UPS per hour) operative inclusions and switching-off of electric networks. VRUs are manufactured for use with TN-S, TN-C, TN-C-s grounding systems. they are Used in industrial and civil construction for residential and public buildings.

The rated currents of circuit breakers and fuse inserts on the outgoing lines are selected during the development of the electrical equipment project and are indicated on the electrical circuit. The VRU-8505 input and distribution device includes AVR panels for automatic switching to the reserve of lighting and power electrical equipment when the normal power supply voltage disappears. they are intended for use in AC networks with a phase voltage of up to 220V.

Operating conditions:

The height above sea level is not more than 2000 m; the ambient Temperature is from +1 to +40°C; the environment is not explosive, does not contain aggressive gases or vapors that destroy metals and insulation. The VRU busbar withstands a short-circuit shock current of 10 kA without damage. Protection level-IP40 and IP54 according to GOST 14254-96.


Features and benefits:

When designing VRU8505, the requirements of the Moscow government Decree on energy saving were taken into account, protective disconnection devices (RCD), an automated power consumption accounting system (ACS) were introduced, the requirements of GOST and PUE-7 were taken into account, the results of the analysis of electric equipment projects of residential buildings, which allowed creating unified electric panel schemes for mass construction houses, as well as many years of experience in developing and implementing such devices in Moscow construction.

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