Adjustable reactive power compensation devices RPCD-0,4 are designed to maintain a constant set value of the power factor (cosφ) in electric three-phase distribution networks of industrial enterprises and other facilities with a voltage of up to 400 V and a frequency of 50 Hz.

All electric power consumers, whose operation in nominal mode is a process of creating variable magnetic fields, consume electric power from the network, which has active and reactive components.

The reactive component or reactive power is necessary for the operation of the equipment and at the same time is an undesirable additional load of the network, so it is advisable to generate reactive power directly from the consumer. One way to solve the problem is to use reactive power compensation units.

Features and benefits

The use of RPCD-0.4 allows you to maintain the necessary power factor of consumer installations; improve the quality of electricity directly in the networks of enterprises; reduce overall energy costs; reduce the load of distribution network elements, increase their service life. The product has a certificate of conformity.

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