MC-1, MC-2


MC-1 and MC-2 metering cabinets are designed for receiving and metering AC power with a frequency of 50 Hz and a voltage of 380/220V and are used in cases where it is necessary to install metering devices separately from input and distribution devices. This condition ensures the maximum possible safety of personnel serving the VRU. Cabinets are used in residential and administrative buildings, offices, and industrial enterprises.

Device: switchboards are classified according to the rated current, the presence of current transformers and additional equipment. The panels are a welded metal structure with switching equipment installed in it and Windows for taking readings from meters. At the request of the customer, the MS Shields are manufactured with or without input automatons (the nominal current of the input automat is specified when ordering).

MC-1 and MC-2 cabinets are electrical panels for installing one or two meters. The panels provide space on perforated rails for the installation of the test box and switching devices.

MC-1 / T and MC-2/T are cabinets that provide installation of electrical meters for transformer switching. Cabinets have special screws for sealing the shield door.

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