Lighting panels are designed for receiving and distributing electric energy in three-phase AC networks with a voltage of 380/220V, a frequency of 50 Hz with a dead-earthed neutral, as well as protecting outgoing lines in case of overloads and short circuits. The rated current of the automatic circuit breakers on the input and output lines is specified when ordering.

The panels are equipped with automatic switches, differential current switches, and RCD switches depending on the number and ratings of outgoing lines. There are different types of panels: mounted and built-in.


Lighting panels are manufactured in metal boxes with a powder coating, with a degree of protection IP31. The panels are equipped with DIN rails, circuit breakers, “N” and “PE " tires. Shields can be manufactured in enclosures with IP54 or IP66 protection. It is possible to manufacture lighting panels according to the customer's scheme in both metal and plastic boxes.

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