Due to the bending of metal from a flat blank, you can get a finished product without seams and joints. This is a huge advantage for production, since welds on products are often the most vulnerable place, it is in them that corrosion is most common, and, as a result, the integrity of the product is violated. In addition, this treatment provides additional rigidity of the created structure.

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In order to give the metal sheet the desired shape, work on a bending press is used. This is the name of a whole set of operations that include various deformations of the treated surface. They are characterized by low energy consumption and allow you to make configurations of parts of any complexity.

Bending sheet metal

Blank can be created in two States: hot or cold. Plastic alloys such as steel, duralumin, and titanium are hot-bent. Moreover, the thickness of the material can reach 16 millimeters. For other profiles, choose a different type of exposure. For the production of products, this type of processing is often supplemented by cutting, cutting or welding.

Bending allows you to produce complex functional and mounting elements with narrow elongated sections or large radii. To eliminate the appearance of irregularities and the occurrence of marriage, all work is carried out on the bending press. It is an automated device that operates according to a specified algorithm. The module is equipped with a special numerical control software, which is responsible for the accuracy of the task and significantly improves the quality of products.

The production process begins with the development of the project. To do this, engineers communicate with the customer, collect information about the future product, pay attention to the size, number of bends, holes, and other nuances. Based on this data, a drawing is created and a processing method is selected. The finished documentation is sent to the client for approval and only after its approval they start working.

Processing includes several main stages. As already mentioned, first of all, the master is obliged to analyze the design. This will allow you to correctly calculate the necessary effort and carry out further impact without errors and shortcomings. Based on this data, the equipment size is selected and the necessary number of transitions for bending sheet metal is calculated. It should be taken into account that various distortions of the material form will occur during the activity. He can change the thickness, the folding activity to occur in the layers and spring-back. To avoid all these processes, the selected alloy is checked for compliance. To do this, pay attention to its plasticity and compare it with the resulting level of stress. For refractory sheets, the process is divided into several parts. Between them, firing is carried out, which helps to increase the bending capacity.

Editing metal

Sometimes it is necessary to carry out the straightening of warped and bent sections. Of course, this type of exposure is only suitable for plastic alloys: aluminum, brass, titanium or steel. changing the shape occurs on the corresponding work surfaces-cast iron or steel plates. Edits can be made using hammers of different weights. For untreated parts, choose a tool with round strikers, it leaves almost no traces, and therefore does not affect the quality of the treated surface.

For thin metal sheets, special bars made of wood or metal are used, which are called ironers. The alignment process can be performed by bending, smoothing, or pulling. The first method is suitable for grinding material with a large cross section. The workpiece is placed on the plate with a bend up and strikes the convex places, thereby leveling it.

Pulling helps to correct the undulation or bulge. Editing the metal by this method involves an impact from the deformation boundary to the edge of the workpiece. And in the course of work, the force of the blows gradually decreases.

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