The service is represented by two robotic powder coating lines equipped with automatic paint spraying and a three-stage chemical surface preparation system with preliminary phosphating of the metal surface. The lines are equipped with quick-change paint systems.

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Many metals are sensitive to high humidity, sudden temperature change and aggressive environments. Under the influence of these factors, they are destroyed, and products made of these alloys become unusable. To avoid this and extend the service life of metal equipment, all parts are painted. Powder coating has a number of advantages and significantly increases the wear resistance of workpieces, contributes to a favorable appearance and a high level of sustained loads.

This method of processing is applicable both for auto parts, furniture elements, cases of electrical equipment, and for very small functional components. The technological process is fully automated, so the number of production opportunities increases significantly. The paint is suitable for all surfaces. For each individual case, a suitable mixture and a specific technique are selected. The work is performed by the corresponding machine according to the specified algorithm. This reduces the risk of the human factor, and with it the number of defects, increasing the quality of products at times.

Automated painting

This type of exposure is usually performed indoors. It is particularly popular with owners of auto repair shops and large Metalworking enterprises. The master can use a spray gun or use special high-tech equipment. Regardless of the choice, the treated surface will actively interact with a large amount of electricity. Why is this happening? It's simple. The fact is that the device, for example, a spray gun, before blowing out the paint, charges the composition of the mixture with positive electric charges. In other words, the distribution of the substance occurs under stress. It in turn affects the molecular structure of the material and provides it with the necessary pigment. All this contributes to the high durability of the coating and its resistance to various external factors, including mechanical stress.

Powder coating has a number of positive qualities, including:

excellent interaction with metal (this type of treatment is universal, as it is suitable for all surfaces);
increasing the wear resistance of the part (thanks to the paint layer, the product is no longer so sensitive to temperature changes or water);
increasing the service life of metal products.
The mixture for automated painting has a special texture and composition. They ensure smooth application and hide defects in the selected area. The machine operates according to a specified algorithm, which changes depending on the type of material being processed and other factors. Before starting the system, the wizard downloads all project documentation to your computer. To get started, just enter the desired values and click the start button. Further, the module can cope on their own. Of course, to eliminate the risk of marriage, the specialist needs to thoroughly study the reaction of the material to the coloring composition, to understand its properties and features.

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