Depending on the task, the following types of services are available For your choice:

- Electric Arc
- Contact
- Condenser (welding of hardware)

The equipment fleet makes it possible to accept both exclusive orders and projects that require welding in line production mode. For example, our Panasonic joint welding robot allows you to weld different grades of steel regardless of the mode.

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Sometimes the creation of any component implies the combination of several functional parts. This operation is perfectly handled by electric arc welding. It allows you to fasten the walls of plastic and metal elements, ensuring tightness and high strength of fastening. During the welding process, the surfaces are melted and compressed so that they stick together. As a result, two opposite sections form one.

Metal welding is used for the production of electrical equipment, pipelines, automotive parts, aircraft, tools, garage structures, and so on. Of course, like any type of welding, it has its advantages and disadvantages, which should be discussed in more detail.

Electric welding of metal

There are several main types of welding that are actively used both in large enterprises and in small workshops. The connection can be made by melting the contact zones or by compressing them. Deformation means additional heating of the treated surface. No less popular is the cold welding method, in which there is no heating of the involved areas. During processing, this ensures tight compression, which results in the material particles being placed very close to each other. This contributes to the formation of interatomic bonds and the connection of elements.

In production on an industrial scale, auto-welding of metal is used. It is a fully mechanized effect on the treated area. In the course of the process, a non-removable sealed joint is formed. It should be borne in mind that when the attached parts are melted, their edges are pre-heated. To do this, use an electric current or burning gas. Depending on the choice, electric and gas treatment is divided. The first can occur with the use of a beam, laser, or slag. In other words, the electricity that is used during operation may not act directly, but indirectly. The electron beam functions as follows. The edge of the workpiece is heated by a current using an electrode. It passes through the alloy and increases the temperature of the metal surface in the selected zone. The result is an arc that promotes melting and glues the two elements together.

Electric arc welding can be performed using a special filler material. They fill the gap between the components, thereby ensuring their connection. The role of the additive is usually performed by a molten electrode. You can weld almost any profiles: aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and so on. In addition, plastic sheets can be processed perfectly: polymers, acrylic or polyurethane. They can also be connected manually or using automated machines with numerical control. They not only increase the speed of production, but also reduce the number of defects, since they minimize the influence of the human factor. This improves the quality of manufactured products and significantly reduces the number of costs.

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