Engineering and Design Bureau:

We have a staff of technical specialists who can convert Your ideas into finished products.

Why should we trust projects only to experienced engineers?

Because everything proposed for the production of component parts and products are subject to reinterpretation and subject to optimization. Specialists offer a fundamentally practical and optimized approach to project development, which has a beneficial effect not only on the quality characteristics, but also on the cost of the final product. All work is performed on an individual basis-the smallest details and features of each order are taken into account.

We provide a full range of services, including:

  • The creation of drawings
  • Development of specifications
  • Designing 3D models
  • Preparation of statements of materials


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Work on any project begins with the creation of appropriate documentation: preparation of text materials, development of drawings. It usually contains all the information about the manufactured object, including its appearance, construction, selected metal and dimensions. You can carry out this work yourself by implementing your idea and buying standard schemes, or by contacting the services of professionals from the engineering and design Bureau. Such organizations employ highly qualified specialists with extensive experience in designing models, they take into account all the nuances, including the customer's wishes. As a result, you get high-quality calculations without overspending material. In addition, the Studio staff can design an entire part or a separate part of it.

Creating calculations

The design of the scheme is determined by the generally accepted standards of the Unified system of Design Documentation. They regulate the decoding of numeric and alphabetic symbols and other aspects. Almost all actions for drawing development begin with a sketch and are performed in a special computer program. Here, the value of the necessary parameters is set with maximum accuracy, which allows further use of the obtained materials on machines with numerical control. In the graphics editor, the desired part is drawn in the flat geometric modeling (2D) mode. In addition, it is possible to create three-dimensional models of any complexity. Three-dimensional structures are indispensable when designing, as they allow you to visually evaluate all the functional elements and see how a particular section or section will look.

If necessary, you can change the position of the components, rearranging the workpiece in accordance with the idea. The computer program also allows you to get important physical characteristics that are needed to create calculations. Thanks to them, the strength of the future product is estimated and the reaction of the selected metal in the case of stretching or compression is predicted. To find out these values, it is enough to analyze the distribution of all internal factors, namely: moments and forces. To do this, use the analysis of the dependence on the length of the part

Designing models

We not only produce high-quality metal products, but also are engaged in independent complex development of drawings and calculations. The Bureau has a team of true professionals. They are highly qualified, have a wealth of experience and knowledge, which are actively used in creating various layouts. In order to reduce the project creation time and reduce material consumption, modern design methods are used in the process. All this allows us to create accurate project documentation and maintain a high level of manufactured products. The staff of the Bureau takes into account any, even the smallest, details and wishes of the customer. In addition, all components are checked for compliance with optimization.


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